søndag 29. juni 2014

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 20 (BET Awards, baby!)

I am spending the evening on the couch,  watching the BET Awards with my sister, and it has been wonderful. The show has been amazing, and we are having a blast. It was awesome to see Pharell win for 'Happy', showing that hypersexualization need not always win. And Lionel Richie truly is a musical legend, and deserves the Lifetime Achievement Award. Well, I'm off to keep watching. Have a lovely evening!

Are you watching the BET Awards tonight?

Song Of The Day: 'All Night Long' by Lionel Richie

Because Lione Richie is a don, and this song is probably one of the most infectious and catchy songs of all time. I dare you to not dance, or in the very least bob your shoulders while listening to this. 'All Night Long, All Night, Ooooohhh.....!'



Swoon ....: Lee Pace

I have loved this guy since Pushing Daisies. Look at that smoulder .... Fun(ny) fact: When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with Lee Pace and Lupe Fiasco simultaneously and would talk about them all the time. My mum must have been sick of my constant nattering about the two, and turned them into one person: LeePace Fiasco.

Images c/o Google

Goals: Styleinspo a la Nneka Salmon

Nneka Salmon is a photographer, student and stylish based in the Big Apple. Nneka does not have a style blog, as far as I know, but has a photography site that you can find here. I came across her in an article on A and H Mag, where they have a featured called 'A Beauty Named'. And she is a beauty, indeed. It obvious upon seeing Nneka that she is pretty lady, but as one reads about her, one gets the sense that she is a beauty on the inside as well.

She has described her style as minimal and groovy, not trapped in any specific era. I love her take on the 1920s/30s flapper look here. So feminine and so classy.

Nneka also rocks a mean trouser, be it a more edgy ripped jean or structured highwaters. She pulls these looks together with tweed coats, sleek wedges or a cool pair of boots.

Maxi skirts also get a of love from this lady. She appears to particularly enjoy wearing chiffon ones, and sets the soft fabric off with rougher textured shirts or leather jackets.

She looks amazing with her beautiful coily 'fro, earrings and a collared shirt in stunning neutral colours that compliment her skin tone.

 And Nneka exudes this combination of effortless class and cool that is so incredibly rare, and so incredibly awesome. I have decided to coin a term to describe this vibe: 'life swag'. Haha! You can find Nneka's feature in A and H Mag here.

Images c/o Google

Who are your style icons?

Interior Inspiration: Books Galore

This is so beautiful to me - a fireplace, a comfy looking rug over a wooden floor and an abundance of books. Add a cup of hot chocolate, cider or tea, I am set.

Image c/o Tumblr (MySweetHome)

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 20 (Not The Average Girl From Your Video)

Today I'm thankful for:
1) The often under-appreciated gift of life
2) The family I was born into
3) The values I was raised with
4) The courage and conviction to continue to follow those values as I grow
5) That I'm not like everyone else and that it has never bothered me
6) For variety - life would be boring without it
7) Adventure

What are you thankful for?

lørdag 28. juni 2014

Song Of The Day: 'Dreaming Of You' by The Coral

So, I'm a die-hard fan of the sitcom Scrubs. That show played such a significant role in my middle school and high school years. My friends and I would recite lines and catchphrases from the show as part of every day conversation, that how obsessed we were. And the show had an epic soundtrack! So many of my favourite artists today (like Joshua Radin) are ones that I heard on there for the first time. The Coral and their song 'Dreaming Of You' is a gem I got from that show. A really nice throwback to the 1960s pop rock sound.


fredag 27. juni 2014

Swoon .....: Michael Kiwanuka

British folk singer, Michael Kiwanuka. So handsome, so dapper and oh-so talented. He gives that vibe of musicians of the 1960s and 70s, absolutely irresistible.

Images c/o Google and Facebook

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 19 (Think Like A Man)

Today, a few friends, my sister and I decided to go see Think Like A Man Too at the cinema.

Usually, sequels aren't all that funny. At least, not as funny as the first one. But I have to say, I loved this one. I laughed a whole lot, I was confused, I was excited by all the swoonable gents in it. All the good stuff. If you have not seen it, I absolutely recommend it!

torsdag 26. juni 2014

Cut-Off Point

My Levi cut-offs are among my favourite garments in my closet (or my two suitcases, which I'm currently living out of, haha!). They used to be my dad's trousers, and then one day I took a pair of scissors to them and they became my shorts. The fit is perfect, they are both loose and form-fitting all at once. I did not cut them too short or too long, which I tend to do when I try to alter clothes. They are the perfect piece for the summer. They can be dressed down for daytime by throwing on a motorcycle jacket, or up for the evening/nighttime with a sleek blouse or blazer.

Awkwardly walking toward the camera, haha!

Wearing: Shorts: Levi's, inherited from my daddyo // T-shirt: H&M // Glasses: Aldo

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 18 (Pippi Longstocking)

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity and the courage to pursue new experiences. The quote below is a Norwegian translation of one of Pippi Longstocking's most commonly uttered statements: "This is something I have never tried before, so I can surely do it." So inspiring.

What are you thankful for today?

Interior Inspiration: Olive Green and Kitchen Aid

You know that thing about how all females dream of their wedding day from when they are little girls and what not? Well, I love to bake and cook, and I have dreamt of how my kitchen will look since I was little. I have always wanted the colour scheme to be olive green, palatinate purple and off-white. I want a Kitchen Aid mixer just like the one below to make baked goods. Stylish and practical, no?

Image c/o A Beautiful Mess

Song of The Day: 'Never Can Say Goodbye' by Jackson 5

Yesterday marked 5 years since Michael Jackson passed. I am one of those Michael Jackson-crazed individuals. As a dancer, my hope was to one day become good enough at my craft that I could audition for an MJ video or tour. To me, he is one of the greatest musical performers and dancers to have lived (alongside Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan,  Howlin' Wolf, The Beatles, Eric Burdon and The Animals). Though many try, no one can replicate the awesomeness that was (and continues to be) Michael Jackson.


Chillin', Relaxin', Eatin' (And Bein' Excited)

This was the perfect outfit for a day spent lazing around the apartment, eating ramen and Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate, and watching Mad Men. I only went outside to pick up my mail. My visa arrived today and I am set to head on trip to do a summer project in a few weeks! Also, the Canon Powershot that I ordered to bring with me (so I don't have to lug around my DLSR) arrived too. Excited, you ask? Why, yes I am!


 Yay for the straps poking out of  my top, haha! *Shifts awkwardly in seat*

Wearing: Crop Top: Forever 21 // Trousers: Thrifted, inherited from my mama // Glasses: Aldo // Brogues: Payless

Thanks to my dearest sis, Nana for taking these pics. Find her awesome blog here.

onsdag 25. juni 2014

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 17 (My Canon Powershot is here!)

Things I'm Thankful For:
1) The conversations I have with my family - they are hilarious and pretty much the best!
2) Cozy beds
3) Successful twist outs
4) FedEx - You lifesaver, you!
5) Goals that get accomplished
6) My Canon Powershot camera
7) Making dinner and watching Catfish with my lovely sister

Isn't it pretty?

Hope you're having a wonderful day?

Swoon .....: Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel - Another reason why my mama is probably grateful I was not a teen in 60s and 70s.

Song of the Day: 'Ballerina Lake' by Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews - his instrumentals, his lyrics, the overall dreamy air of his music. What's not to love? I learned about him after Lianne La Havas covered his song 'Elusive'. While I loved her version, when I heard his version, I literally melted. So beautiful ..... I have been obsessively listening to his album 'What The Night Delivers'. 'Ballerina Lake' has to be one of my favourite songs off it.


tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Romper and Blazer Club

Last year, I missed graduation/commencement and streamed the festivities from my home in Norway. I was on campus for graduation this year, and was oddly quite excited to get dressed for the event. Who am I kidding, I am always excited to get dressed, haha! So for graduation, I decided to wear something fairly simple, but still appropriate for the event. I ended wearing a grey blazer, a navy blue romper and brown leather clogs. I also wore my favourite (and now long gone, *weeps*) fedora and carried my trusty brown bucket bag.

After a few hours (because the ceremony was LONG, and the speaker was, well ...... not the most entertaining), my feet started to get very tired and I began to get rather peckish so I slipped away with my friend Hanna to change our shoes and to get some chocolate babka and smoothies. Before I took off my clogs, Hanna snapped a few shots of me.

After putting on my comfy brown brogues, I headed back to catch the end of the ceremony and to give flowers to my friends who were graduating. I found that my friend Agnes also wearing a romper and blazer, so we made a club, lol! She is trooper, and kept her wedges on all day, unlike me.

Wearing: Blazer: Goodwill // Romper: Forever 21 // Clogs: H&M // Brogues: Payless //Fedora: DSW // Bucket bag: Gift from my sister

Did you attend commencement at your school?

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 16 (Summer Sun)

Things I'm Thankful For:
1) My mama and adopted sister, Mariama who are helping plan my summer project - love you guys
2) My sister, who is all-around awesome and my favourite person on this here planet
3) Ice cold water - nothing quite like it
4) For swift responses to e-mails
5) For the courage to reach out to people
6) Target - I could spend hours in there, they've got everything
7) Summer sun - I'm more of a grey weather person, but there is really something about summer sun and how it brings out the best in people, isn't there?

I'll leave you with this pic of me cheesing sometime earlier this semester.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Song(s) of The Day: 'The Way It Is' by Bruce Hornsby and The Range/'Changes' by Tupac

'The Way It Is' is one of my all time favourites. It never gets old. The message of the song is important. While we have made significant strides in terms of racial and general equality, we still have a quite a ways to go. This song was also the sampled for Tupac's track 'Changes', another epic track with an important message. I thought I'd share them both.

'The Way It Is' by Bruce Hornsby and The Range

'Changes' by Tupac


100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 15 (Those Who Matter Don't Mind)

Things I'm Thankful For
1) My lovely family
2) For friends who spontaneously buy you earrings (Thanks Sophia!)
3) Breakfast food - all day, every day
4) Reunions - so exciting
5) Fro-yo - stuff is good!
6) Reruns of 90s shows - Boy Meets World, anyone? How about Moesha?
7) Good people and this Dr. Seuss Quote

mandag 23. juni 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Sade (In My Sunday Best)

I have mentioned Sade from In My Sunday Best before on the blog for inspiring me to start writing down things I am thankful for. You can find that post here. I started following Sade's blog at the beginning of this semester, and boy, am I am glad I came across it. It has quickly become one of my favourite style blogs. For one, Sade is a brilliant writer, making it enjoyable to read her blog. Also, the layout of the site is super dreamy, which makes it feel like a moment of escapism. Then we have Sade's exquisite sartorial senses. This lady's got style.


Sade often rocks a dark high-waisted jean, adding pops of print and colour through a cool button-up shirt or a bold shoe. I absolutely love that camel coat worn in the first photo.

This lady also rocks a mean midi length skirt, balancing out striped and checkered prints with solid and neutral colours like black, navy or white. She makes it look oh-so-classy.

 Sade is also not afraid to edge it up with pieces like a leather mini-skirt, pulling her outfits together with a cute collared sweater or a structured blazer.

Sade always looks put together, but comfortable and effortless at the same time. And her hair game is so strong! Whether worn straight or in an afro, it always looks lovely.

Images c/o In My Sunday Best

Who are your style icons?

Swoon .......: Ben Dahlhaus

Good Lord! Is he even real?

Image c/o Google

Song of The Day: 'Down Under' by Men At Work

This song is a classic and has been a major feature in my household for as long I can remember. It has been my ringtone for the past year and fills me with joy everytime my phone rings because  it makes me feel at home. I love Men At Work, they are one of my favourite bands of all time. Their lead singer, Colin Hay is also amazing as a solo artist, though I really loved the 80s ska sound they created as a unit. I will definitely to make an 'Artist on My Mind' Post for them soon, but until then, I share 'Down Under' with you.


søndag 22. juni 2014

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 14 (Pura Vida)

Things I'm Thankful For
1) New life - so exciting
2) Red Lobster - had it for the first time today (Yum!)
3) Avocado oil - makes my hair so soft and shiny!
4) Corn on the cob
5) Mad Men on Netflix
6) Lounging on the couch
7) Grace, even when I don't deserve it

Picture of Berekuso Hills in Ghana, taken by Kwame Pocho.

Have a wonderful day!

Swoon .......: Yasiin Bey

Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def. So smooth, so dapper ....

Interior Inspiration: Statement Chair

Just like an outfit, home interior can also have statement pieces. I think this chair would make a nice statement in a minimalist home.

Image c/o Tumblr.

Goals: Styleinspo a la Soraya De Carvalho

 I recently came across an image of Soraya De Carvalho. Soraya is student and stylist, and runs the style blog Style is My Thing. And boy is that a fitting name for her blog. Her style is amazing. On her About Me page, she has the following Yves Saint-Laurent quote: "Fashion fades, but style is eternal." It is clear by following Soraya's page that she knows what her personal style is and rocks its boldly. I dare anyone to read her blog and not feel inspired to dress better and own their personal style.

 Soraya often rocks outfits composed feminine skirts and tops, pulled together with structured coats and a pop of colour in the shoes or accessories.

 Soraya is also a boss at colour-blocking and often plays with a variety of lengths and textures in her outfits. Yellow dress set off with some orange trousers or a red coat? Uhm, yes please. 

Soraya also opts for more casual looks, be it  denim-on-denim with accents of red, or a t-shirt paired with a high-waisted trouser. And this lady is maven on heels, so even her more minimal outfits are pulled together with a killer pairs of heels. Showing us that there are levels to this ish.

Who are your style icons?