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Artist on My Mind: Corinne Bailey Rae

These days, it seems that England (and the United Kingdom in general) is bringing out some of the best musicians. The kinds of musicians that don't just churn out mindless hits, but create songs that stimulate the mind or soul. These musicians are true artists, crafting musical experiences that are timeless and become the soundtrack to one's life.

Corinne Bailey belongs to this category of artists and is one of the classiest, most talented and yet most down-to-earth musical acts out today, in my humble opinion. Her voice is soft, yet is forceful and soulful. This lends to a haunting quality to her music. Her sounds is not easily defined, ranging from a more acoustic indie to soul to jazz to whatever she wants it to be. She is definitely someone I know I will listen to when I'm 80.

One of my favourite songs by Bailey Rae is called 'Choux Pastry Heart'. This song really tugs on my heart strings, like whoa. Bailey Rae is an amazing songwriter. Her lyrics are best described as pieces of beautiful poetry and I think this is one of her best works. Beautiful, beautiful song.

 Another song by Bailey Rae, that I absolutely adore is 'Are You Here?'. This song is off her album The Sea. In the album, Bailey Rae shares some stunning songs penned following her husband's passing. 'Are You Here?' deals with Bailey's feeling of grief following this. In an interview, Rae discusses sharing this part of herself with the world: "I feel like I've been playing music and writing and using music to help me with all the different emotions that I've been feeling. When I started writing that I was thinking, 'I don't really want this song to go into the world, 'cause it's so naked…' But I had to". Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this, Corinne. It is truly remarkable.

 Bailey Rae also pays homage to those who came before her, the artist by whom she is inspired. She frequently covers songs by other artists, putting her own spin on it. Corinne incredible taste in music is evident in the artist she chooses to cover. From Sly and The Family Stone to Jimi Hendrix to the Papa Nesta Marley. I did not want to overload this post, but these covers are so good, I'm gonna post 'em all.

  'Que Sera' by Sly and The Family Stone (Live @ Glastonbury)

 'Little Wing' by Jimi Hendrix

'Is This Love' by Bob Marley

In addition to being a skilled singer and instrumentalist, Bailey Rae is also a style maven, both with regards to hair and clothing. She is self-proclaimed natural hair enthusiast, and is major source of inspiration to many women who consider themselves a part of the natural hair community. Her clothing style is also incredible. She can often be be spotted in stunning shift dresses, mini skirts  paired with cardigans and brogues or soft ruffled blouses. She often rocks bold and rich colours and prints, and silky fabrics.

Bailey Rae comes across as an authentically nice person. In addition to sharing her art with the world, she celebrates other people's work, whether it is reading Chimamanda Adichie's Americanah or fangirling over Solange or Lupita Nyong'o. She seems like a wonderful person to be friends with.

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Are you a fan of Corinne Bailey Rae?

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