torsdag 5. juni 2014

Artist on My Mind: Regina Spektor

Yay for the first "Artist on My Mind" feature on CoffeeAndTVandMe! This post will be about one of my favourite artists, Regina Spektor. I first discovered Regina Spektor when my sister had a mad fling with the song "Fidelity" and played it incessantly. It, along with some other over-loved tracks, came together to create our soundtrack for the summer of '06. The summer came and went, but the unique, almost haunting sound of Spektor's voice lingered in my subconscious. And though I did not completelyy forget about this artist, her music did become a distant memory. Until the release of "Samson" came and reminded me of this gem of an artist. 

 Spektor's offers alot in addition to her music. The air about her is reminiscent of musicians and actors of yore who offered the whole pacakage of talent, beauty and style. They offered you escapism, allowing a spell in their world. Regina Spektor has that, which is pretty rare these days in my opinion.

 Source: All photos from Google

Yeah, she's pretty much got the whole package. This song is my current favourite. It's off her album "Far", which I recommend you check out. 

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