torsdag 12. juni 2014

Celebrating Summer!

A couple of weeks back, at the end of the semester, my friends and I were feeling so happy about finals being over that we made our way over to a nearby mall to do a spot of window shopping, watch a movie and just ring in the summer.

 Look at these happy and goofy faces. We were so relieved to be done with exams and papers, and were laughing so much, I'm sure we seemed crazy to the people around the bus stop. We started our day out off with some shopping. The girls were looking for shoes, so we stopped by DSW to see what they had.

 Hanna found some gorgeous heeled brogues. She first tried them on in tan/brown, but then ended up going with them in black/white. Look at her working it!

 Puleng found a beautiful pair of peach coloured pumps that looked really cute on her.

 Sophia found these pastel pink strappy sandals, which looked lovely on her.

 While the homies tried on shoesies, I tried on some hats. Though I had not intended to buy anything,  I ended up leaving DSW with a fedora. Sad story though: I lost the hat a few days ago. On the lookout for a similar one, because it was sooooo perfect.

 After satisfying our shopping cravings, we made our way over to the cinema where we watched The Other Woman which starred Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. It was really funny, save for the odd slightly off-colour comment here and there.

We ended the day by grabbing shakes from Dairy Queen, lounging out on the grass and chatting it up.

Oh, I almost forgot to add the details of my outfit. The blazer came from Goodwill. The skirt was inherited from my sister, but I believe it was originally thrifted. My The Smiths t-shirt was a gift from my lovely friend Mende.  Finishing touches were brown brogues from Payless and a fedora from DSW. 

Images c/o Sophia, Hanna and I.

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