torsdag 26. juni 2014

Cut-Off Point

My Levi cut-offs are among my favourite garments in my closet (or my two suitcases, which I'm currently living out of, haha!). They used to be my dad's trousers, and then one day I took a pair of scissors to them and they became my shorts. The fit is perfect, they are both loose and form-fitting all at once. I did not cut them too short or too long, which I tend to do when I try to alter clothes. They are the perfect piece for the summer. They can be dressed down for daytime by throwing on a motorcycle jacket, or up for the evening/nighttime with a sleek blouse or blazer.

Awkwardly walking toward the camera, haha!

Wearing: Shorts: Levi's, inherited from my daddyo // T-shirt: H&M // Glasses: Aldo

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