søndag 29. juni 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Nneka Salmon

Nneka Salmon is a photographer, student and stylish based in the Big Apple. Nneka does not have a style blog, as far as I know, but has a photography site that you can find here. I came across her in an article on A and H Mag, where they have a featured called 'A Beauty Named'. And she is a beauty, indeed. It obvious upon seeing Nneka that she is pretty lady, but as one reads about her, one gets the sense that she is a beauty on the inside as well.

She has described her style as minimal and groovy, not trapped in any specific era. I love her take on the 1920s/30s flapper look here. So feminine and so classy.

Nneka also rocks a mean trouser, be it a more edgy ripped jean or structured highwaters. She pulls these looks together with tweed coats, sleek wedges or a cool pair of boots.

Maxi skirts also get a of love from this lady. She appears to particularly enjoy wearing chiffon ones, and sets the soft fabric off with rougher textured shirts or leather jackets.

She looks amazing with her beautiful coily 'fro, earrings and a collared shirt in stunning neutral colours that compliment her skin tone.

 And Nneka exudes this combination of effortless class and cool that is so incredibly rare, and so incredibly awesome. I have decided to coin a term to describe this vibe: 'life swag'. Haha! You can find Nneka's feature in A and H Mag here.

Images c/o Google

Who are your style icons?

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