søndag 22. juni 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Soraya De Carvalho

 I recently came across an image of Soraya De Carvalho. Soraya is student and stylist, and runs the style blog Style is My Thing. And boy is that a fitting name for her blog. Her style is amazing. On her About Me page, she has the following Yves Saint-Laurent quote: "Fashion fades, but style is eternal." It is clear by following Soraya's page that she knows what her personal style is and rocks its boldly. I dare anyone to read her blog and not feel inspired to dress better and own their personal style.

 Soraya often rocks outfits composed feminine skirts and tops, pulled together with structured coats and a pop of colour in the shoes or accessories.

 Soraya is also a boss at colour-blocking and often plays with a variety of lengths and textures in her outfits. Yellow dress set off with some orange trousers or a red coat? Uhm, yes please. 

Soraya also opts for more casual looks, be it  denim-on-denim with accents of red, or a t-shirt paired with a high-waisted trouser. And this lady is maven on heels, so even her more minimal outfits are pulled together with a killer pairs of heels. Showing us that there are levels to this ish.

Who are your style icons?

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