lørdag 21. juni 2014

Goals: Summer Style II (Overalls)

I am very much a late 90s, early 2000s baby at heart. Wearing overalls were a big part of growing up in that time period, in addition to being obsessed with Tamagotchis and listening to the Spice Girls. Though I have never really stopped loving or wearing them, I am super happy that overalls are back on trend so people will stop bothering me about them, haha! A few of my favourite fashionistas have putting their own spin on the trend. They have got me all excited to put on a pair of overalls and get creative with them this summer.

 Elise Peterson of Saint Heron. You can find her personal Tumblr here.

Tynette of Caramel a la Mode 

Gina of NaturalBelle

I am not certain who this lady is, but whenever I see picture of her, I always end up ooooh-ing and aahh-ing over her outfits and general air of kool. I love how she pairs the white overalls with a varsity jacket and snapback. And those braids! Effortless chic. Anyone know who she is?

Images c/o of the respective blogs and le Tumblr

What are you wearing this summer?

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