tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Romper and Blazer Club

Last year, I missed graduation/commencement and streamed the festivities from my home in Norway. I was on campus for graduation this year, and was oddly quite excited to get dressed for the event. Who am I kidding, I am always excited to get dressed, haha! So for graduation, I decided to wear something fairly simple, but still appropriate for the event. I ended wearing a grey blazer, a navy blue romper and brown leather clogs. I also wore my favourite (and now long gone, *weeps*) fedora and carried my trusty brown bucket bag.

After a few hours (because the ceremony was LONG, and the speaker was, well ...... not the most entertaining), my feet started to get very tired and I began to get rather peckish so I slipped away with my friend Hanna to change our shoes and to get some chocolate babka and smoothies. Before I took off my clogs, Hanna snapped a few shots of me.

After putting on my comfy brown brogues, I headed back to catch the end of the ceremony and to give flowers to my friends who were graduating. I found that my friend Agnes also wearing a romper and blazer, so we made a club, lol! She is trooper, and kept her wedges on all day, unlike me.

Wearing: Blazer: Goodwill // Romper: Forever 21 // Clogs: H&M // Brogues: Payless //Fedora: DSW // Bucket bag: Gift from my sister

Did you attend commencement at your school?

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