søndag 22. juni 2014

Song of The Day: 'If I Were A Carpenter' by Tim Hardin

My mummy and I were having a jam session over Skype yesterday. I owe most of my taste in music to my mama. For as long I can remember, we have bonded over music and she had introduced me to a lot of genres and musicians that someone of my age might not hear. Thank you for that gift, mummy! You the best!

Yesterday, she introduced me to a few different artists that I had not heard before. We started off with Howlin' Wolf, an incredible blues musician who composed incredible music and could do the most amazing things with his voice. And he was a wicked stage performer, too!  Then she had me listen to 'If I Were A Carpenter' by Tim Hardin. My mum mentioned how songwriters don't always make the best version of their own songs, but this is one case where the writer kills it. I agree, mama! This song is so beautiful.


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