onsdag 11. juni 2014

Wanderlust .....: Paris Je t'aime

In November of 2010, I went on my first trip without parents or chaperones to the City of Light and love - Paris. To date, it is one of the best travel experiences I have had. It gave me the bug for Paris and it is up there on the list of cities that I am completely obsessed with.

The photo is beautiful, but is snagged off the Google (yes the Google). I though I would share some images snapped by my friends and I on our trip, because they make me feel nostalgic and happy.

When we arrived,  one of my friends had created an itinerary for everything she wanted to see. She had pretty much every hour of the day planned. A few of us had wanted to just roam around and explore the city by getting lost. And so we split from the rest of the group and did exactly that. I think that was the reason why our trip was so much fun. We just went with the flow.

We wandered around the city, and stumbling across sites like Notre Dame and the Louvre, and soaking in what they had to offer.

We were really feeling the Parisian style and did a little (read: a lot) of shopping! So much that it exhausted us and we had take some breaks in between. We enjoyed what the city had to offer by way of wonderful cafes and boulangeries, where you can buy and devour (because they are so good you will not just eat, but devour them) delicious French pastries and cakes.


One day, we entered a cafe to get shelter from the rain, have some hot chocolate and tea and write on some postcards to send to friends at home. We had been walking with our heads down, and had not noticed that we were two blocks away from the Eiffel Tower. After the rain subsided, we made our way to the Tower. The elevator was not open that day, so we took the stairs up, which was a little tiring, but a lot of fun. The view at the top was totally worth it.

It was even more fun coming down. We ran like giddy kids, until I slipped on the wet stairs and slid down a flight. No worries, though. I was not hurt. It was incredibly funny and we were all laughs. By the time we got down, it was dark and the lights on the Tower had been turned on. It was magical.

Our first couple of days, we stayed in a neighbourhood I honestly do not remember the name of. I think have repressed the memory because it was, uhm, not the best experience. After a night spent sleeping under a stairwell and phone call home to our parents, we ended up moving from our original accommodation to a lovely student hostel in the beautiful district of Montmatre, thanks to my mama!

Montmatre is the neighbourhood where one of my favourite movies, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain was filmed. It could not have been more perfect. We even found a diner that looked exactly like the one in Amelie, complete with her face on the menus.

We did not come to a conclusion on whether it was the diner used in the film or whether it was just a replica. We did agree, however, that the Amelie diner was too pricey for our student wallets, and did not dine there. After snapping a few photos, we ended up going to another cafe. This one was more affordable, had pretty designs on their tables (pictured below) and kept the baskets of complementary hot baguettes coming. 

It was a wonderful week in the City of Light and I hope to go back soon!

Feeling merry at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Have you ever been to Paris? Are you fan of the city?

Images: 1st one c/o Google, all other taken by me or my friends.

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