tirsdag 2. september 2014

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 22 (Ghanaian food, tho)

One of the things I have enjoyed most about being in Ghana has to be the food. When I am in Norway,  I get all the Ghanaian food I want courtesy of my mama. In the States, I could cook it myself, but it takes certain utensils and a good cooking space (I mean you cannot cook jollof with just any kind of pot, ammiright?)

Though I get to cook at my sister's apartment from time to time, I do not yet have a proper kitchen or cooking utensils of my own (dorm life, for the win!). So eating GH food, all day, everyday has been awesome. I have been indulging in banku and okro soup, banku with fresh pepper and tilapia (can you tell I love my banku?), waakye for breakfast almost every day, jollof, fried rice, red red, yam, you name it! Even the cafeteria at the school where I am studying abroad serves yummlicious food. It's gonna be really hard to go back to the cafeteria at my uni after this.

Just sharing this photo of some waakye I enjoyed at the very beginning of my stay. So darn good. Off to finish writing my very first assignment as an exchange student.

Ttyl and have a wonderful day!

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