torsdag 4. september 2014

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 24 (What a father I've got!)

Hello good people! Today I had my very first presentation during my study abroad program. The topic was 'Visualizing Leadership'. So basically you choose an image that to you represents leadership, in particular servant leadership. I decided to focus on mi padre (love ya, dad!) and I used the image below. That is him with my big sister swaddled on his back, doing the dishes in our old flat in Oslo. What a father, right?

I was so nervous about the presentation, my palm were sweaty, my heart was beating like MAD. But it went well. Thank God!  Got some good tips to help improve my presentation skills (like not talking so darn fast all the time!). I also had to write a two page paper to accompany it, so submitted that as well. First week's been alright, by God's grace. I am going to enjoy my weekend, try to get a head start on my readings and assignments for the coming week and make some time to go to the school renovation site tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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