fredag 12. september 2014

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 30 (Basketballin')

Jk, I was not playing basketball yesterday. I wish I had, but I was too tired (and lazy) so I watched the on the various classes play. It was a cool night. The senior class won, go 2015! They did a great job. Then I just hung out, dancing and fooling about with my mentor precious and some other folks. I hit the sack pretty early, a little after 10pm since the night before (stayed up late, chatting with my roomie).

Oh, and I forgot to share on here that a couple of days ago, they did a formal welcome for the class of 2018. The did a traditional Akan welcome for them with adowa dance and drums. They gave each member of the new class a calabash with water inside (no palm as our campus is a dry one, lol!). The calabashes are really pretty, with the school logo engraved on them. After the ceremony, the gave each of the exchange students (there are three of us) a calabash as well. I plan to hang it upwhen I go back to my usual school as a reminder of my time here.

Isn't  the calabash lovely?

How is your day going?

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