lørdag 13. september 2014

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 32 (A Day In Town)

Hey peeps! I made my way to the city today and it was bomb. Went around picking up some stuff that I needed for school (water boiler, coffee (drool. hey, parenthesis within parenthesis!), and some clothessss). I had a really particularly lovely (surprising) experience in town. So usually when Ghanaian people (especially kids) see a white person, they exclaim, 'Ey, oburoni!' (foreigner or white person) to draw the attention of the person and greet them. So today I was walking with my Caucasian friend and as per usual, the utterance of 'oburoni!' was constant. Then out of nowhere, this one man we met called out to me, 'Ey, obibini!' ('obibini' meaning  black or African person). I must have looked as surprised as I felt because he then repeated it, grinning and nodding, 'Yeah, obibini!', putting great emphasis on the word. Then he proceeded to acknowledge my friend with the customary 'Ey oburoni!'. I just thought it was kinda kool.

Anywhosies, we stopped my Mr. Price and I picked up a pair of Mary Janes (bringing back that kindergarten and primary school swag, y'all!) and a shift dress. Can't wait to pair the Mary Janes with tights, skater skirts and my green pea coat when I return to colder climes. And for spring and summer next year, when I'll pair the shift dress with my Air Force 1's.

How was your day?

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