mandag 15. september 2014

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 34 (Amandla!)

We watched this incredible documentary in class today called Amandla!: A Revolution In Four Part Harmony about how South Africans during Apartheid realized that they would not be able to beat the oppressive minority with force. They found that they had the weapon of language and of music. They used music to keep themselves going spiritually and to incite fear in the Boers. I found it so inspiring. How Afro-diasporic people have been through so much throughout modern history and yet we continue to be persevere and to be beautiful, creative people. I pray this is something we do not lose and that we continue to honour the struggles and sacrifices of those who came before us. I will share this clip from the movie wth Hugh Masakela talking/singing about the significance of the train to South African life and music. Check it out!

Have you seen Amandla!: A Revolution In Four Part Harmony?

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