torsdag 18. september 2014

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 36 (Akwaaba!)

One thing I am really missing from school is my dance team. It is the place on my campus where I feel most at home, with my dance family. Moving to the music with them just feels so right. We have shared so many experiences, our team has become such a safe space for everyone in it. Right about now, they are having auditions and (hopefully) welcoming some new people into the family. So yeah, I feeling super dance-homesick right. But today, I got to dance. We had Akwaaba Night this evening, which is a dance party to welcome the freshmen and us exchange kids. They set up the party spot right next to my room. As I was getting ready, I could hear the music and was getting my dance on big time! I geared up to go dance with this video. She is so GOOD! And it felt so good to shake my groove thang.

Any dancers out there?

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