onsdag 17. september 2014

Artist on My Mind: Scott Matthews

Everyone, meet awesome musician Scott Matthews! Scott Matthews is a British singer-songwriter from Wolverhampton, England (But why are my fellow Brits such killa musicians, though?). He got his commercial break in music around 2006, when BBC radio DJ Janice Long began to play his music on her station. That year he released the song 'Elusive' as his first single.

 So a while back, I posted about a talented lady musician by the name of Lianne La Havas. She made a cover of 'Elusive' which I love. At the time, I had not heard of Scott Matthews and did not know that he was the writer and original singer of the song.

As I scrolled through the comment section, a small conflict had broken out with some listeners arguing over which version was better, Scott's original or Lianne's cover. Intrigued, I typed 'Scott Matthews - Elusive' into the YouTube search bar and gave it a listen.

Scott's original version is so beautiful, and for the next few weeks I listened  to it obsessively. It felt like I had discovered a completely different song. The subtle quality of his voice and instrumentation of the song (oh, the guitar!) tugged at my heartstrings in a major way. I wanted to hear more of this musician and started checking out some his other tracks. I came across one of his albums, 'What The Night Delivers', and it became the soundtrack to the second semester of my freshman year.

The first song on this album is titled 'Be Myself Again'. The lyrics, as is the case with most Scott's songs, tell a beautiful story that the listener can relate to. For me this song meant a lot in the moments when I felt like was flailing. A reminder that sometimes you just need to bring it back to square one and figure out who you are.

Another song on the album that I adore is 'Ballerina Lake'. The thing that really gets me with this song is the melody. Scott softly picks the strings, almost lulling the listener. And on top of the soothing tune come the soft, yet intentional vocals. Again, invites he the listener to hear and partake in a story. He poses the question (one my favourite quotes): "What's a memory without a life?". The song entertains you, but also engages the mind. And the harmonies, *sigh*.

And let's be real, he is incredibly attractive (because it would not be me if I did not mention that, lol!). The floppy 1970s hair. The effortless brooding expression. Come on! And his personality too. In interviews, he comes across very humble and down-to-Earth. And he always acknowledges those who have inspired him musically which makes him even more attractive.

So thank you to Lianne La Havas for doing a beautiful cover of 'Elusive' and introducing me to Scott Matthews. You can find her rendition of 'Elusive' here.

Do you listen to Scott Matthews?

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