søndag 28. september 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Howard University (Part I)

Recently one of my favourite websites, Afropunk, did a feature on Howard University students and their amazing sense of style. The photos were drawn from the Tumblr page Howard Style. The page had missing the US immensely and wishing that I went to an HBCU, all at once. It makes me miss the United States and in particular my college because I miss how diverse everyone there dresses and how they feel free to express their styles, moods and personalities through the clothes they put on their bodies. It makes want to go to HBCU because it would just be amazing to study with so many beautiful black individuals.

I have been on the lookout for the perfect jean jacket for a while. They just pull together outfits so well, and this is no exception.  The lady above is giving me 90s realness with the printed mini-dress, combat boots and denim jacket combo.

This look is something I could totally see myself wearing. I love the high-waisted mum jeans and those oh-so-90s cartoons with which they are adorned. Paired with a crop and some timbs, this is a major hit for me. You could go from class to dance practice easily with this outfit. 

I love the corset top, high-waisted trouser and pulled together a cute pair of fall boots. And is that a midi-length hoodie layered under a leather jacket? Slay. 

 I love it when a young man dressed like an old man. Like wearing Bill Cosby sweaters, or like the gentleman above, wearing a grandpa cap. The addition of the printed scarf and denim shirt, add some youthful ruggedness to his look.

 Love it when guys embrace the dapper look. This fella looks classy as all heck, but also incredibly cool. *Says prayer to God for future bae to dress like this*.

I am kind of obsessed with this Tumblr, so this is only Part I of a Howard style inspiration series on this her blog. Stay tuned for more :)

Images c/o Howard Style

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