tirsdag 9. september 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Julie Sharp (Orchid Grey)

One of my favourite blogs is Orchid Grey. The lady behind the blog, Julie S. has an exquisite sense of style. Julie keeps her style playful, fun and always incredibly put together. I find that while I admire the style of many style bloggers, at times I struggle to imagine myself (or anyone) wearing those looks and actually doing everyday things. Julie's looks are chic, but like you can actually have a life in them. Clothes that you can wear to go out with friends, walk around, eat, and live. What's not to love about that?

For one Julie is major thrift store maven. Now anyone who thrifts and does it well is a friend of mine. She find the most gorgeous pieces, from feminine high-waisted skirts, to demure lacey tops, to relaxed cut-offs, and funky overalls. She skillfully pair these second-hands pieces with store-bought ones like sharp crop tops and chucks.

Julie rocks some kickass winter looks. I love to layer, but find it difficult to keep my outfits looking neat and put together. Julie's layering game is so strong. I alwaysfind a lot of inspiration for how to layer for the colder months and still look crisp.

 Although my hair texture is considerably different from hers (I rock dat natural afro hair, baby), I often find myself thinking 'ooh, how could I do that?' when looking at some the beautiful hairstyles she does. And her accessories game, tho. Check out those shades.

Images c/o Orchid Grey

Who are some your style icons?

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