torsdag 11. september 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la New York Fashion Week

So this week is New York Fashion Week (NYFW).  Now I dream of going there myself one day. But thank God for Fashion Bomb Daily for posting photos of the awesome outfits of NYFW on their website.

I don't know if these two individuals are in a relationship. But if they are, they have got mad couple swag. I cannot with her jumpsuit. Freakin' perfection.

 These baes, tho. Something about bare ankles just elevates the suit look for me.

 But look at this classy look? When I envision my professional dress style, 
I picture something like this.

Neutrals all over with a single pop of colour. And that awesome hair, tho.

 I love the softness and femininity of the skater skirt paired with the more masculine brogues. So good. And his Kenzo sweater. And his creamy white shoes. Just everything.

Ugh, so good. I really want to have a suit tailored to my body. One that has the classic masculine structure with feminine touches, like a more fitted trouser.

So much good stuff going on in this photo. Let's start from the left. First the high-waisted boots paired with the cropped oxford shirt, grey mini skirt and the coolest bum bag/fanny pack I've ever seen. Then the effortlessness of grey joggers matched with a structured blazer. The rich brown-coloured leather dress and Pharell hat go together oh-so-well! And last, but not least the crisp cardigan, trouser and white sneaker combo. I wanna hang out with these cool-looking people.

These fellas. So glad gents are bringing dapper back. It's oh-so-attractive. 

Are you following New York Fashion Week?

Images c/o Fashion Bomb Daily

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