lørdag 25. oktober 2014

Swoon ....: Benedict Cumberbatch

Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch, the latest additon to the school of the 'thinking woman's crumpet'. This guys is really up there on my list of dream baes. There's just something about his demeanor (and his appearance, let's be real) that I find really attractive. My sister tagged me in this picture on Lupita Nyong'o's Facebook page of her with Benedict. Honestly, this pairing would make me squeal. No pressure, Lupita and Benedict.

Image c/o: Lupita Nyong'o's Facebook fan page

søndag 12. oktober 2014

Song Of The Day: 'Creature Fear' by Bon Iver

Emma, Forever Ago is one my favourite albums and I cannot say enough positive words about Bon Iver. Like, I hope my future husband plays the guitar, sings and has a beard just like Justin Vernon. Over-share? Yes. But it would not be me without the awkwardness, right? I first heard 'Creature Fear' while watching an episode of Chuck, and I fell head over heels for the song. It is such a perfect balance between softness and intensity.

What are you listening to today?

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 41 (Elmina Sunset)

Last weekend, two friends and I left the mountain top, passed through the lovely city that is Accra and went to Elmina and Cape Coast. It was wonderful to get away and see another part of the country. It was also really cool to tro tro and mini bus it all the way there and back. We had an amazing time. We stayed in a hotel in Elmina, right next to the castle. The view was beyond beautiful. I will do another post later where I share more images from the trip. But for now,  I leave will you with this image of the Elmina sunset on our first night that still lingers in my mind.

Images by me.

fredag 10. oktober 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Garance Dore

For quite some time, I have been nursing an obsession with the style of Le Parisienne. French women have this effortless chicness: Natural makeup, red lip, full eyebrows, and a dressing style that looks like it comes from within. What is not to love? French photographer, blogger, author and illustrator (what is she not?) Garance Dore epitomizes this brand of stylishness to me.

For one, Garance has some killer, athletic legs and she is not afraid to show them off with short hem lines. She balances out the leggy outfits with loose-fitting oxford shirts and shift dresses for comfortable, yet oh-so-chic looks. 

 Garance sure knows how to wear a blazer. She tends to pair them with loose-fitting shorts or skater skirts, and oxford shirts for a look that is polished, but comfortable enough to wear when weaving in crowds and traffic to take her amazing photos. And though she loves her flats, she is not afraid to rock a pair of heels, even when hard at work.

Garance's boyfriend is Scott Schuman. Schuman is the man behind the camera behind the blog The Sartorialist, and is behind some of the most amazing street fashion photography out today. Talk about an amazing romantic and artistic partnership. Not to mention that this pair has mad style swag.

Garance has enviable coat collection. She rocks anything from a sleeveless number, to the 1980s/1990s Elaine Benes floor-length mac, to your classic camel trench. 

With all her accomplishments, Garance could easily be stuck-up. However, from watching videos on her Youtube channel, she comes as an incredibly sweet and likable person. A beautiful woman, both inside and out. If you would like to see more of Garance's work, you can stop by her blog.

Images c/o Google

onsdag 8. oktober 2014

Interior Inspiration: Converted Warehouse

There is something re-purposed living spaces that I can't resist, in particular industrial or warehouse spaces converted into homes or apartments. There is something very appealing about hardness and practicality coming together with soft domesticity of a decor to transform a once purely functional work space into a habitable and cozy one.

Image c/o Tumblr

fredag 3. oktober 2014

Song Of The Day: 'I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer' by Stevie Wonder

This song is so beautiful. It makes me think of when the late, great Michael Jackson passed away during the summer of 2009. It came as a great shock to the world. And it happened during the summer, which I have always regarded as a season of life, not death. Stevie Wonder performed this song at his memorial, and it was such a touching tribute to his dear friend. This is not the version performed by Stevie Wonder at the memorial, but an earlier version. It is so beautiful, and you just can''t help but feel it.

What are you listening to today?

Swoon .....: Chris Messina

I have had a crush on Chris Messina since he played the archeologist husband of Julie in the film Julie and Julia. He now plays the grumpy, lovable Danny Castellano on The Mindy Project, where he once danced an amazing routine to 'Try Again' by Aaliyah to cheer Mindy up. Perfect man?
 I think, yes.

Image c/o Google

torsdag 2. oktober 2014

Song Of The Day: 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' by Coldplay

I am a diehard fan of Coldplay, and I really love their Rush Of Blood To The Head album. And the Parachutes album. And all the albums. I just love Coldplay. This song has memories of my summers working as a custodian. The sun would be shining and I would be in my blue uniform, headphones in my ears, with this song in my ears. Good times.

What are you listening to today?

Goals: Styleinspo a la Howard University (Part II)

Here is round 2 of my Howard University style inspiration. They are really making me miss fall right about now with the amazing layering that is going in the pics below. And the hair swag too. *Sigh*

Leather jackets over a maxi tied up in the front and left to flow in the back. Werk.

 This brother is doing that whole Kanye-layering thing. Me likey.

Mixing prints done oh-so-well.  And those Havana twists too.

Love the neutral tone of his look. So autumnal and chill.

It is people like this lady that make me wanna get locs. So freaking beautiful.


This brother's style is so on point. Serving Kyle Barker with the printed shirt and locs. 

Image c/o Howard Style.

onsdag 1. oktober 2014

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 40 (Vitamin C)

It's Day 40 of my Positive Thinking Challenge! Though I am still recovering from a nasty flu, I am feeling very positive and thankful for life and some of its simple pleasures, which I thought I would share.

1) Vitamin C - I will never underestimate the importance of this vitamin.
2) Soft tissues - No chafed nose-mouth area for this lady.
3) Phone calls from my lovely sister  - You're the best!
4) Plantain chips - These are my kryptonite. I can't get enough of them.
5) YouTube vids by Patricia Bright and BeautyCrush - Good for assuaging homesickness.
6) The Boondocks - Do I even need to explain this one?
7) Songs by Dionne Warwick - 'Forever, forever, you stay in my heart!'

Got my vitamin C in ma bottle!

What are you thankful for today?

Song Of The Day: 'Come As You Are' by Yuna

Love the original version of this song by Nirvana, but at the moment in love with this cover by incredible Malaysian artist, Yuna. If you are not listening to Yuna, please do. She is an amazing singer-songwriter. And her great taste in music is evident in the artists/songs she covers.

What are you listening to today?

Interior Inspiration: Pop Of Colour

I adore the idea of an all-white decor with pops of colour on the window panes.
Isn't it lovely?

Image c/o Tumblr

Swoon ...: Tom Hardy

The ever-rugged Tom Hardy and an adorable pup? Sign me up!

Image c/o Tumblr