torsdag 2. oktober 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la Howard University (Part II)

Here is round 2 of my Howard University style inspiration. They are really making me miss fall right about now with the amazing layering that is going in the pics below. And the hair swag too. *Sigh*

Leather jackets over a maxi tied up in the front and left to flow in the back. Werk.

 This brother is doing that whole Kanye-layering thing. Me likey.

Mixing prints done oh-so-well.  And those Havana twists too.

Love the neutral tone of his look. So autumnal and chill.

It is people like this lady that make me wanna get locs. So freaking beautiful.


This brother's style is so on point. Serving Kyle Barker with the printed shirt and locs. 

Image c/o Howard Style.

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