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Goals: Styleinspo a la the Knowles-Ferguson Nuptials

Solange Knowles got married to her very studly (and bearded) longtime beau Alan Ferguson last weekend and boy was this wedding a feast for the eyes. Now, I am an unashamedly a (longtime) member of the Solange fan club for a number of reasons. One major factor for me is that she lives the Carefree Black Girl lifestyle and does it so well. And her wedding effortlessly epitomized why this woman has come to be regarded one of the major style icons of recent times.

For one, Solange and Alan arrived on vintage bicycles. The bride was dressed in a stunning pant-suit with a cape that flowed beautifully, and the groom in a crisp white suit. I loved that both Solange and Alan wore white. Perhaps I am reading too much into it, but it felt like aa subtle indication of it being their day, not just the bride's.

Not only did the groom also wear white, but the entire wedding party wore white. And posed for these group photos with a background reminiscent of ancient Roman/Grecian aesthetics. Everyone is rocking a unique dress style, that tells you something about how they wanted to present themselves on this day. However, the all-white theme ties them all together. Uniformity and diversity.

The blushing bride.

She had the most adorable mother- son dance with her little boy, Julez. You can find it on Afro Bella's blog, where she did a post on the '5 Fabulous Ways Solange Reinvented Traditional Wedding Rules'.

 And she wore her natural hair! I have noticed that black women (even when natural) tend to straighten or in the very least braid their hair for their wedding festivities. Solange kept a natural picked 'fro throughout the day. To me, it was a powerful statement to young black women everywhere that your natural hair need not be put away or manipulated to be part of your wedding day. And she wore beautiful flowers in her hair. Like she was going to San Francisco.

Who says you have to pick one dress? Solange changed her outfit multiple times, rocking a number of beautiful white outfits over the course of their special day. If I ever get married, I plan to steal some ideas from Solange and Alan's wedding. Sorry, not sorry. #IdealAesthetics

Were you inspired by the Knowles-Ferguson nuptials?

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