søndag 21. desember 2014

Goals: Styleinspo a la 徐一个

I am officially home in the Nordic region and it is cold. After dressing for tropical temperatures for the past six months, I feel like I need some inspiration on how to keep warm, while not looking like a hot mess. I came across this incredibly chic lady through Rebecca's (aka The Clothes Horse) blog. I went to the Chinese style site where she share her amazing style, Ibaifang. While I am sure the site contains information about her, my poor Chinese language skills do not allow me to access that information.


 Nonetheless, her sartorial instincts are absolutely sublime. From the mix of masculine and feminine elements, the effortlessness of its execution, I am sold and trying to find ways to emulate her style with pieces from my own wardrobe.

 A great way to stay warm, while still looking chic: pair a collared shirt layered under shift dress. Throw on a pair of tights and boots to complete the look.

She masters the art of effortless, crisp looks. I love this one comprised of a floppy hat, oxford shirt and striped, formal trousers.

Where can I find a pleated skirt with suspenders? Seriously, someone tell me.

A navy mac, plaid shirt, black jeans, wooly hat and a pair of bright-coloured sneakers. This sums up my style goals for the coming semester. Minimalistic and put-together.

There is no doubt that her coat and dress/skirt game is so strong. I love the way she puts skater skirts (one of my addictions) or dresses,with thick neutral knits and a statement coat. That mustard coat!

I don't know whether this fella isr her friend or her bae, but she has a quite a few photos with him.  There seems to a very strong stylistic connection between them. 
They complement each other really well.

 She just exudes cool, free-spirited vibe. Dare I say life swag?

For more images of this stylish lady, you can visit her Ibaifang style profile.

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