fredag 26. desember 2014

Song of the Day: 'The Charade' by D'Angelo and the Vanguard

D'Angelo is back and boy, oh boy, it's good. His new album Black Messiah (his first in 14 years), came out on the morning of my birthday. I was so so excited about it, I was having a hard time focusing on studying for my last exam. I actually had to take a break from listening to it, so I could successfully study my Africa Philosophy, and not fail my exam, lol!

My favourite song off the album so far is 'The Charade'. The lyrics are so poignant:

"All we wanted was a chance to talk
'Stead we only got outlined in chalk
Feet have bled a million miles we've walked
Revealing at the end of the day, the charade"

There are so many other amazing tracks on this album, so I am sure that my favourite will change over time. Welcome back, papa D'Angelo. You are truly one of the most spectacular artists of our time and I am glad you took your time to craft this musical masterpiece. 

What are you listening to today?

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