lørdag 3. januar 2015

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 46 (A lick of paint does a world of difference!)

I am so excited to share the progress of the project I worked on for the past semester, SUPS 1-4-7.My dad suggested that we make sure to get the painting started before I left Ghana, and boy, was he right. It looks so different! We have put so much work into it, but when the building was grey and drab, you couldn't really see the difference. After its been painted, it looks like a new building. We are so excited to see the progress. For more images, please scroll down.

The painted front of the school building.
 The plastered steps (the handiwork of our masons) look amazing.
 After the paint on the left, and the before the paint on the right.
The back of the school building.
Our painter (and my dad's longtime friend) Ayatollah, who did an amazing job on the
 painting with my uncle Kwame. 

For more images of and information about our project, you can use this link to visit and join the SUPS 1-4-7 Facebook page. 

Images by me

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