lørdag 17. januar 2015

Song Of The Day: 'America' by Simon and Garfunkel

I am back in the land of the U and the S and the A! My sister and I just arrived after a long journey. The journey was a bit challenging, but was also a beautiful experience because my sissy and I were together. We spent time watching movies and chatting and being us. I love that lady. To commemorate to our return, I will share one of my favourite Simon and Garfunkel tracks, 'America'. Thanks to my mama, I have been a big fan of this classic duo since I was a wee one. Their songs have accompanied me at almost every state of my life so far, and whenever I listen to any song of their, a memory montage literally runs through my mind. When I am about to return to the States this song always accompanies me on the journey.

"Gone back to look for Americaaaaaaa!"


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