mandag 9. februar 2015

Song Of The Day: 'Dust In The Wind' by Kansas

I just received some really painful news. It keeps hitting me in waves that someone special has departed from my life and that we will never again have a conversation, listen to music, or talk about things that only we understand. It is hard. I keep thinking of things that she will never do, things she dreamed of. I am trying to remember the beautiful moments, the fact that it is true sisterhood and love that are make this hurt so much. But it is hard. Rest in perfect peace and power, my love. Equally beautiful on the inside as you were on the outside. You will live on forever in the seeds of love and kindness that you planted in every life you touched. So glad I got to see you and hug you and talk with you before you left us. I miss you already.

Take care of the people you love. Make sure you make time for them, no matter what.  
Live life to the very fullest. Tomorrow is not promised.