torsdag 19. mars 2015

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 48 (Spring Break!)

What's good, people of the blogosphere? It is officially Spring Break on this end, and I am extremely excited about that.  I have a ton of school work to do, but no classes and very few extracurricular activities to counter that workload, so it feel really good to be able to do them at a more leisurely pace. I spent this past weekend with my sister, her roommate and one of my best friends. Friday night, we went to a Caribbean barbeque with some good friends and had the best time laughing, trying to learn the secrets of Dancehall music, and eating spicy chicken. On Saturday, we lounged about watching movies, eating Tostitos with salsa, then got our butts of the couch, and headed to mall to do some shopping and people-watching. On Sunday, we went to church, had a brunch turn-up afterwards, and then drove across our city in search of dessert. It was the perfect weekend of indulgence post midterms. The week has been a mix of trying to be productive with school work, watching copious amount of Gossip Girl (I know, don't judge me), and cooking up a storm with friends.

Dinner with los homies on Tuesday night.

I am excited to see what this weekend will hold. Hopefully a lot more rest, more food shenanigans, more friend shenanigans, and hopefully in between all of that get a whole of work done. For more images of my Spring Break, you can stop by my Instagram.

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