fredag 20. mars 2015

Interior Inspiration: Rustic Minimalism Meets Vibrant Colour

The past few days, I have found myself catching up on my blog reading, particularly The Clothes Horse. Rebecca is one of my favourite style bloggers. There is an authenticity to her voice, and a sense of relatability about her introverted personality, her love of books, walks in the wild, photography, and vintage films. Over the past 6 years that I have been following her blog, she has managed to maintain a consistency in her style, all while evolving to become more confident and bold in her sartorial choices. She will definitely be the subject of a Style Goals post very soon.

While going through her blog, I came across these images of a small apartment space that I cannot stop looking at. From the periwinkle blue door to the clementine orange accents against the bright white walls and wooden floors, this space achieves the perfect the balance between the simplicity of minimalism and the vibrancy of embracing colour.

I often find that with my personal style, it is difficult to combine my love for minimal aesthetics and a black and white colour palette, and my love for bright and rich pops of colour. The decor of this space shows that these aesthetic sensibilities are not mutually exclusive and makes me incredibly excited to decorate my very own apartment. 

Images c/o of Home Edit via The Clothes Horse

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