lørdag 30. mai 2015

Interior Inspiration: Classy Copenhagen Digs

Yvonne Koné is an Afro-Scandinavian accessory and footwear designer who has made a name for herself by producing high quality fine leather pieces. This post however, is going to be about her Copenhagen home, which I first encountered when it was featured in the Norwegian version of Elle Decoration in 2011. Recently, she was featured on Nikisha Brunson and Cipriana Quann's UrbanBushBabes webpage, where she spoke about the dusky pink, minimalistic boutique in Denmark's capital city where she displays and sell her products. Enamoured with her products, her stylistic sense, and kind demeanour, I took to Google in search search of all things Yvonne Koné, and stumbled upon a post about her gorgeous living space on Remodelista. It's a feast for those who adore light and airy spaces with that unique Scandinavian feel.

Some girls dream of their wedding. I dream of my future living space, and this is definitely giving me some ideas for the kind of decor I want my home to have. To learn more about Koné's aesthetic and creative process, stop by her blog or her website.

Images c/o Remodelista

tirsdag 19. mai 2015

Song of the Day: 'Ice Is Getting Thinner' by Death Cab For Cutie

I heard this song while binge-watching Gossip Girl this past semester. It was in the episode when Dan and Serena realize that things are just not working out between them (for the first time, lol). And I don't know why, but the song hit me so hard I started sobbing. Context: slow songs have made me bawl (whether they are sad or not) since I was toddler. Despite this visceral reaction, I have long had a love affair with music that others might label depressing. I like the emotional rawness that it leaves me with. This Death Cab For Cutie track is no exception. 

*Sigh*, all the feels.

mandag 18. mai 2015

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 50 (Travel Goals)

Travel has a special place in my family's history. Migration has greatly impacted my genetic makeup and also my socio-cultural identification. As I move into adulthood (what?!!), I am beginning to think about how I can incorporate travel and global exploration into my life the way my parents, grandparents, and sister have. Studying abroad in the US I think is the first step to achieving this, and I think my chosen areas of study (Anthropology, Geography, African Studies) are also helping in moving me toward my goal of becoming a more well-travelled person.

I am always inspired by looking at pictures of my parent's travels when they were young. The above is my mother and her two brothers at the Trevi Fountain on trip to Rome with my grandma when they were wee ones.

Who knows, maybe sometime soon we'll see travel become a key feature on this little ol' blog.

Image c/o my family archives

torsdag 14. mai 2015

Goals: Styleinspo a la Naomi Shimada

My most recent style crush is the delectable Naomi Shimada. I first came across her earlier this year in a Fader article titled What Real Girls Actually Want To Wear on Dates, and was drawn in by her unique style. Recently, I saw her in a Style Like U video, where she talked about embracing her changing body over the years, and could not help but be inspired by her joyous exuberance, her strong sense of self confidence, and of course her amazing style. I made my way to her blog, and it was indeed a smorgåsbord of style inspiration that left me eager to celebrate my body, wear exactly what I want to wear, live life to the very fullest, and smile a whole lot more.

 Shimada is known for embracing colour and pattern, and has stated that she likes to "dress her personality", with a sartorial profile characterized by joy and vibrant colour.


 She is rarely seen without a red lip, and also embraces the colour red, paired perfectly here with a maxi skirt and classic Adidas shell toes. 

Lord knows, I love my all-black ensembles, and while this lady adores colour, she also knows how to rock a noir look. There are two other reasons why I'm a fan: For one, she has a ridiculous sneaker game. And like myself, Shimada is a third culture kid having lived in Japan, Spain, England, and Brooklyn, where she is currently based. Global nomads unite!

Images c/o of Shimada's blog.

mandag 11. mai 2015

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 49 (Finals Are Over!!)

Long time, no write! Boy, oh boy, does it feel good to be back on here. I finished my last two final examinations this morning and I am feeling so ready to get creative again on this page and my photography blog The Law of Brown Bodies. This semester has been one of the toughest for me emotionally, and also academically. I could not have made it through without grace of God, the support of friends and family in my three homes in Norway, Ghana and England, and here in the States, my adopted home.

Image via Tumblr

I found this image on Tumblr and I am in love. The joy expressed from the woman through just a side profile. The affection in the clutch of her partner's arm around her middle. The vibrant, bright colour on one side, and the mute, mellow tones on the other.

Anywhosies, I am plannig to be full throttle, with style features, finally get through the 100 Days of Positivity (and maybe start them over), do more book reviews, do more frequent personal style posts, just let the creativity flow free.

Summer break, here we come!