mandag 18. mai 2015

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 50 (Travel Goals)

Travel has a special place in my family's history. Migration has greatly impacted my genetic makeup and also my socio-cultural identification. As I move into adulthood (what?!!), I am beginning to think about how I can incorporate travel and global exploration into my life the way my parents, grandparents, and sister have. Studying abroad in the US I think is the first step to achieving this, and I think my chosen areas of study (Anthropology, Geography, African Studies) are also helping in moving me toward my goal of becoming a more well-travelled person.

I am always inspired by looking at pictures of my parent's travels when they were young. The above is my mother and her two brothers at the Trevi Fountain on trip to Rome with my grandma when they were wee ones.

Who knows, maybe sometime soon we'll see travel become a key feature on this little ol' blog.

Image c/o my family archives

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