torsdag 14. mai 2015

Goals: Styleinspo a la Naomi Shimada

My most recent style crush is the delectable Naomi Shimada. I first came across her earlier this year in a Fader article titled What Real Girls Actually Want To Wear on Dates, and was drawn in by her unique style. Recently, I saw her in a Style Like U video, where she talked about embracing her changing body over the years, and could not help but be inspired by her joyous exuberance, her strong sense of self confidence, and of course her amazing style. I made my way to her blog, and it was indeed a smorgåsbord of style inspiration that left me eager to celebrate my body, wear exactly what I want to wear, live life to the very fullest, and smile a whole lot more.

 Shimada is known for embracing colour and pattern, and has stated that she likes to "dress her personality", with a sartorial profile characterized by joy and vibrant colour.


 She is rarely seen without a red lip, and also embraces the colour red, paired perfectly here with a maxi skirt and classic Adidas shell toes. 

Lord knows, I love my all-black ensembles, and while this lady adores colour, she also knows how to rock a noir look. There are two other reasons why I'm a fan: For one, she has a ridiculous sneaker game. And like myself, Shimada is a third culture kid having lived in Japan, Spain, England, and Brooklyn, where she is currently based. Global nomads unite!

Images c/o of Shimada's blog.

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