søndag 12. juli 2015

Interior Inspiration: Swedish Home Bliss

The longer I am away from home, the more intense my Nordic sensibilities seem to become, particularly when it comes to aesthetics. I literally gasped when I saw this Swedish apartment posted on blissfulbblog. I've mentioned before how I love minimalism when it is made to feel warm and cozy. This apartment achieves with subtle pops on colour that still remain on the neutral end of the spectrum. Pops on navy blue, teal-grey hues, and the soft green leafy plants counter the sterility of the stainless steel surface and white walls. The wooden kitchen furniture, the colourful library (*book nerd sigh*), and the floral wallpaper of the kitchen area also add touches of warmth to this space and have me experiencing some major interior design.

Isn't it perfect? Le sigh. It's got me all excited about decorating my apartment this fall.

Images via Bliss

fredag 10. juli 2015

Song Of The Day: 'Good Boy' by Sample Answer

God bless AFROPUNK for constantly introducing me to amazing music for noir folks across the globe! The recently featured Irish acoustic musician Sample Answer and his new single "Good Boy". The song open with an simple, but infectious whistle over a gentle strumming guitar beat a la "Sitting On the Dock of the Day", that had me bobbing my head and tapping my foot. By the time Sample Answer's soulfoul and folksy vocals began to spill over the beat, I was 100% sold.

It's been on repeat for the last few days, and probably will be for a minute. I am thinking I might do a cover if I summon up the courage. And I will definitely be checking more of this fella's tracks. 
He's got a amazing sound.

Dandy Queens

I think if I were truly uninhibited and dressing to my taste, I would be a dandy. The dandy aesthestic, with its crisp shirts, vintage blazers, bow ties, and polished brogues. As a woman with a curvy body, I enjoy the idea of playing with masculine clothing items, and the way they fall on a feminine shape. Add a red or purple lip and picked out However a fear of being overdressed often prevents me from going all in on any dandy look.

The editorial below from Black Attitude Magazine has me thinking its time ot put my fear of being overdressed aside and embrace my inner lady dandy, pull out my Goodwill acquired high-waisted trousers, and be as swaggy a these Dandy Queens.

Don't they look amazing? And those beautiful locs too ....

Images c/o of Black Attitude.

søndag 5. juli 2015

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 51 (Polyglot)

I just came across this amazing new web series called "Polyglot", written and produced by Rwandese-German Amerlia Umuhire. It looks at the lives of young, multilingual creatives in the German capital. Only two episodes in, it captures both  the challenges, and the joys of being a young black, African, creative, and female individual in a European context. It brought me a lot of joy to see such a relatable experience in visual manifestation. 

The videos are intimate and candid, the acting so natural that the viewer feels like a voyeur, not watching a series, but looking through a hole in a wall at someone's life. You can find find Umuhire's YouTube channel here. Please check it out, subscribe and support this wonderful project.

Goals: Styleinspo a la Yolande (of The Language of Yolande)

I am so glad I found Yolande's blog via the one my favourite bloggers (and friends in my head) The Curvynista. Her style is so effortless, quirky, and well-executed, it's impossible not to be inspired. She has a beautiful curly mini-afro, that she switches off from time to time for loc braids, or a tapered look. Her natural, sophisticated makeup looks makes me wish I had the staying power to develop and adhere to a makeup routine. And of course, the shoe game. So. darn. strong.

A favourite for me are her more androgynous looks, across seasons. Tapered cropped trousers, paired with matching blazers, leather jackets, a wool polo neck, or a laid-back tee. Yolande often adds a deep purple lip, and pair of heeled boots or patent oxfords or loafers. This is always a hit, making for a sleek and sophisticated look.

She rocks a flared midi like no other. Sometimes it's a more minimalistic style with a simple tee, leather bomber, a pair of pointy patent oxfords shoes. In the second photo, she adds edge to a pastel,  tulle-looking midi with a graphic t-shirt, a pair of rocker lace-up booties, and a delicate silver collar. And all those gorgeous leather clutches. Le sigh ....

One of the most interesting things about style to me is playing with proportions and silhouettes. Yolande's blog always introduces me to interesting and aesthetically pleasing ways to do this. Above, she uses two  pieces that I think transcend seasons, trends, and are always chic -  the plain, structured sweatshirt, and the polo neck wool sweater. Here, Yolande pairs them with pencils skirts to create casual, minimal looks. I also adore the play with nature-toned colours in these two looks.

Now, THIS is my absolute favourite look that I've seen on her blog so far. Leather. Crisp oxford shirt. Pleated skater skirt. Black, white, and grey. What's not to love? The perfect mix of textures, colours, and shapes.  It's absolutely perfect.

If you would like to check out more of Yolande's rad style (which I think should) click here to go to her blog. You'll leave with a ton of style inspiration!