fredag 10. juli 2015

Dandy Queens

I think if I were truly uninhibited and dressing to my taste, I would be a dandy. The dandy aesthestic, with its crisp shirts, vintage blazers, bow ties, and polished brogues. As a woman with a curvy body, I enjoy the idea of playing with masculine clothing items, and the way they fall on a feminine shape. Add a red or purple lip and picked out However a fear of being overdressed often prevents me from going all in on any dandy look.

The editorial below from Black Attitude Magazine has me thinking its time ot put my fear of being overdressed aside and embrace my inner lady dandy, pull out my Goodwill acquired high-waisted trousers, and be as swaggy a these Dandy Queens.

Don't they look amazing? And those beautiful locs too ....

Images c/o of Black Attitude.

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