søndag 12. juli 2015

Interior Inspiration: Swedish Home Bliss

The longer I am away from home, the more intense my Nordic sensibilities seem to become, particularly when it comes to aesthetics. I literally gasped when I saw this Swedish apartment posted on blissfulbblog. I've mentioned before how I love minimalism when it is made to feel warm and cozy. This apartment achieves with subtle pops on colour that still remain on the neutral end of the spectrum. Pops on navy blue, teal-grey hues, and the soft green leafy plants counter the sterility of the stainless steel surface and white walls. The wooden kitchen furniture, the colourful library (*book nerd sigh*), and the floral wallpaper of the kitchen area also add touches of warmth to this space and have me experiencing some major interior design.

Isn't it perfect? Le sigh. It's got me all excited about decorating my apartment this fall.

Images via Bliss

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