lørdag 15. august 2015

Song Of The Day:'London' by Benjamin Clementine

I have this habit of finding a song that I like, then putting that song on repeat, basically becoming completely consumed by it. There is no feeling better than listening to the same song over and over again, each time unpacking new nuances, or noticing a new chime or beat. It's been a long time since I have been deeply obsessed with a song in this manner. Last week, I stumbled across a La Blogotheque video of British, but Paris-based musician Benjamin Clementine. This led me to his amazing song 'London', and can I just say whoa! 

After hearing the video version of his song, I listened to his original acoustic rendition.
 The absence of the bass beat renders for a more subtle and delicate listen.

  I am honestly not sure which version I like better, to be honest, I am happy to switch back and forth between the two. Listen to 'London', and give your ears and mind a treat.

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