lørdag 9. januar 2016

Song Of The Day: 'Time Flies' by Lykke Li

It's getting to be the time of year where birthdays and celebrations remind me of those no longer with us. Yesterday was the birthday of a beautiful friend who abruptly passed last summer. Tomorrow is the birthday of another beautiful friend who passed after a long illness. One of them I met in high school, and we quickly became close friends. The other I knew since childhood, and she was a friend who became like a sister. I imagined both these friendships lasting a lifetime. As we cross into 2016, it's been almost a year since they both passed. It's definitely a reflective time. To match this mood, I have been listening to this song by Swedish singer, Lykke Li called 'Time Flies'.

And I get weak, I get weary
I miss sleep, I get moody
I'm in thoughts, I write songs
I'm in love, I walk on 

The lyrics of this are so beautiful and melancholy. To me, they get at the challenges and joys of being a human being, opening up to other humans and giving them a spot in your heart - there's always the risk that you might lose them. And with loss, you risk getting hurt. Still it also reminds us that there is beauty in having loved, and that somehow we find the strength to move on. 
Thanks Lykke Li for this beautiful track.

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