tirsdag 1. mars 2016

Mac Weekly Style File: Part I

I recently had the great privilege of being interviewed and photographed for my college newspaper's Style File feature. I shared a few looks and talked with my interviewer, Shannon, about my style philosophy and the many inspirations behind my aesthetic. It really pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and in a direction I think is positive. Over the next couple of weeks, among other posts, I plan to share the images she captured, along with some quotes from the story.

Vest: Inherited from my papa // Dress: Cubus // Tights: H&M // Shoes: Din Sko

And a quote from the article:

“There are so many restrictions in the world, but your body is the one thing you have that you can do whatever you want with, and you can change that as much as you want. So knowing that I have the power to change my aesthetic at any time I think is really cool.” This mentality also relates to her identity as a woman of African descent. Toa-Kwapong referenced how her racial identity, hair style and self-expression intersect when she declared, “I am clearly a black African woman, and I think my aesthetic definitely shifts a lot depending on my hair style. So right now I have braids, and that’s one kind of aesthetic, but when I have my natural hair out as an afro I feel like almost a different person.”

To read the story in its entirety, click here.

Images c/o Shannon Mahedy for the Mac Weekly.

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  1. Yassssss boo! Just go ahead and slay all our lives like this! #damnDubie

  2. Yassssss boo! Just go ahead and slay all our lives like this! #damnDubie