lørdag 19. mars 2016

Mac Weekly Style File: Part II

Sharing another piece of my Style File with my college's newspaper, The Mac Weekly. It's currently one of the most shared articles on the Weekly's website, and I am so overwhelmed (in a positive way) by the support of friends and family with this piece.

 And a quote from the article:

 " 'My mom was always one of the people pushing me to express myself. Don’t let days pass by where you aren’t fully being yourself [...]'  Over the years she’s spent here, she has learned to “let loose a little more, think about other people’s opinions a little less and [focus] a little bit more about how this feels to [her].” This stems from her belief that “when you let people express themselves the way they want to, arguably the world is a better place. I think you have a lot of people who are really hemmed in, and take that out on others, and that’s why you have all of these comments. Maybe if more people were just doing what they wanted to, we wouldn’t have as much of that.” By these comments, Toa-Kwapong is referring to negative judgements about another person’s personal sense of style. To her, style is ideally a way “to be inspired by other people, and to be able to see something and acknowledge its beauty, and to have that not be an affront to you, even if it’s different. Just being able to appreciate things that you both can relate to and can’t relate to is powerful.” To sum it all up, Toa-Kwapong quoted Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons, “Be you how you be you.”

To read the story in its entirety, click here.

Images c/o Shannon Mahedy for the Mac Weekly.

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