lørdag 25. juni 2016

100 Days Of Positive Thinking: Day 60 ("Let Me In" by Alicia Keys)

There's been so much ugliness in the world recently, from Orlando to the Stanford Rapist. When one is feeling decidedly cynical, it's incredibly inspiring to see an artist use their positionality to take a stand for something that matters. Alicia Keys has long been an artist that takes a stand for global issues, starting with her Keep A Child Alive Foundation which aims to support individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. This year, she is lending her voice and artistry to the refugee crisis. While this crisis is often discussed in terms of its economic and social toll on recipient nations, Keys is highlighting the refugees themselves and the struggle they face when forced to flee from their homes due to conflict and violence. This humanizing is extremely needed at a time when 60 million people are currently on the run, with over half them being children. For many of us, displacement and the despair it can give rise to are hard to imagine. But in her short film "Let Me In", Keys strives to make the harsh realities of so many people around the world more relatable to those of us fortunate enough to not know what that feels like.  

Please take a bit of time to watch this film and learn more about how you can be of support to the 60 million refugees in the world right now. Let's let them know that #WeSeeThem and let's make sure to let our leaders know that we want to #LetThemIn. If you know of other ways to be 
of support to refugees, do share.

What is inspiring you today?

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