tirsdag 28. juni 2016

The Modern Surrealism of Rob Gonsalves

The work of Canadian-Portueguese painter, Rob Gonsalves is being hailed as the heir apparent to Salvador Dalí. Gonsalves began to harness his painting skills as the age of 12. He dabbled in architecture for some years before committing full-time to painting in the early 90s. His work is very much in the spirit of Dalí and René Margritte. And like his great surrealist predecessors, his paintings are nothing short of mesmerizing.
Have a gander and let your mind wander.

"The Sun Sets Sail"

"Autumn Cycling"

"The Space Between Words"

 "Aspiring Acrobats"

"The Arboreal Office"

For more on Gonsalves, go here.
Images of painting from The Creators Project

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