tirsdag 2. august 2016

Song Of The Day: "DYWM" by Nao

British singer, Nao's much-anticipated debut album, "For All We Know" is out and I am stoked! I have been working my way through the album and relishing each track. The songs on the album achieves that gorgeous, but rare quality of being deliciously distinct, but perfectly tied together.

The song above, DYWM, is currently my favourite on this album. Give it and the rest of the album a listen. You will not be disappointed. In other music news, my unrequited love, Frank Ocean is supposed to be releasing his album, "Boy's Don't Cry" on Friday. I am containing my excitement till I hear it. Frank is not stranger to toying with his own music deadlines. 
And the emotions of his fans, ha ha! 

What are you listening to today? Are you a Frank Ocean fan?

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