søndag 30. oktober 2016

Bidding Adieu to Autumn

This evening my sister mentioned that it seems fall is heaving its last breaths in our city. The last few leaves are clinging to their branches for dear life. Looking out of my window, it seems a particularly strong gust of wind might leave all the trees in my neighbourhood naked and defenseless against the cold.  And the winter season where I live is no joke!

Realizing that fall is in its final throes, I started to feel anxious. I wondered if I have been taking enough time to soak up my favourite season. To walk outside when the air is refreshingly crisp, but still warm to make long strolls enjoyable. To take in the gorgeous colours of the leaves as they acquired rich tones of yellow, red, and brown. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, have I forgotten to enjoy autumn?

The transition out of college has been a bit of a challenge for me (a post on this is coming up). I have never been fond of change. It tends sadden my already melancholy soul. When my sister drew my attention to impending passing of the season, it was much-needed jolt out of my nostalgic haze. A reminder that I need make time to look around and notice the beauty in transition. Like the trees during autumn and winter, change can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable. But the gorgeous colours and brisk air of fall, it call also be great source of inspiration and revival. Here's to embracing the growth that comes with transitions, and making the most the remaining bits of autumn.

Photo of me in Paris from 2010, taken by a friend  

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