mandag 31. oktober 2016

Interior Inspiration: Tavi Gevinson's New York Apartment

I've recently become quite addicted to the Nowness' apartment tour series, a partnership with Apartamento magazine. I have been a fan of Tavi's for quite some time. Growing up my little Norwegian village, she inspired me to dress boldly. Though I definitely was not as fashion forward as she was, I always felt her a kindred spirit. I should have know that her apartment would be the stuff dreams are made of. 

You can see the whole space, and learn more Tavi and her creative process in this video:

Her space has me inspired to finally get it together and really decorate the apartment I share with my sister and close friend. I've been meaning to find a shelf and record-player for quite some time. I've also been meaning to deck out for our walls, get some good lighting and prepare the flat for indoor season, so our dwelling can have a cozy vibe.

Images and video c/o Nowness via Google

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