mandag 6. februar 2017

Dubie's Book List: "No Sweetness Here" by Ama Ata Aidoo

Inspired by my dear friend, Myhana, I am renaming my GoodReads segment. It is now going to be called Dubie's Book List. I am excited to continue sharing my reads with you.

My first recommendation is No Sweetness Here, a short story collection by legendary Ghanaian author and feminist, Ama Ata Aidoo. I first became acquainted with Aidoo's writing while in high school. A friend who was doing the IB Theatre course decided to do her final examination performance on Dilemma of a Ghost, Aidoo's classic play on the complexities of African and African-American dynamics in the post-independence era. I played the grandmother and while interpreting the role, fell in love with Aidoo's deep understanding of not only Ghana, but of the African diaspora.

Having grown deeply fond of Aidoo's writing style and hankering for more Ghanaian literature in my life, I tucked into No Sweetness Here with high expectations. As I had hoped, the collection did not disappoint. In fact, I had a difficult time peeling my eyes off the pages to focus on much of anything else. The characters were so deeply fleshed out in such a limited amount of space, I felt that I knew and connected with each of them. And yet when the stories ended, often without resolution, Aidoo left the loose ends in a such a manner that I simply accepted them, wishing the characters well as they continued on journeys I would not witness. What a read!

What are you currently reading?

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