onsdag 29. mars 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 73 (A Taste of Spring)

Yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm and it's got me so excited about spring. Thought the season usually leaves me wheezing and red-eyed mess (yay, allergies!), I love the positive energy it seems to produce in people. And best of all, it a sign that summer is around the corner. Today I am reminiscing about the summer concerts and films in local parks with friends, pictured below. 

mandag 27. mars 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 72

A few things that are bringing me joy:
  1. Deep conversations with my sister and my roomie (being adorable in the photo above )
  2. Everything about Ray BLK (listening to "My Hood" and "Patience")
  3. Anytime Chimamanda Adichie speaks
  4. Cups of milky coffee
  5. Cheeze-its and cheetos (it's that time of the month)
  6. Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese
  7. Watching loved ones make their dreams come true 
  8. This song from a Jal episode of Skins

Image by me

What's bringing you joy today?

Stylinspo a la Ladene Clark and her freeform dreads

Thinking about dreads and locs, and wondering if I should let my hair just do its thing and see what happens? Ladene Clark's gorgeous dreads are a major source of inspiration. 

Image c/o Google

søndag 26. mars 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 71 (Brunchin' With My Bro)

Today I grabbed brunch with my adopted brother, Pharez before he headed back to his uni to finish up his final year. He came to spend his spring break with us and it was wonderful having him here. It was wonderful to take a moment to eat some delicious breakfast food and enjoy a few cups of coffee while we talked and caught up.

Song of the Day: "Quick" by Tank and the Bangas

I first came across Tarriona "Tank" Ball in February during Black History Month when she was featured in a Style Like U video for the What's Underneath series. I fell in love with her amazing spirit, style,and all-around beauty. I connected with so many of the truths and experiences she shared. I found it incredibly powerful that she does not seem to let her insecurities break or define, but also does not shy away from them.

So of course the next natural step was to listen to some of the music she makes with her band, Tank and the Bangas. Boy, was I in for a treat! I have been jamming to them ever since. A track titled "Quick" in particular has been on repeat in my headphones.

Tank's voice is spectacular. I mean truly exquisite. The band's has this chemistry that I feel like I haven't heard in quite some time. I honestly can't recall the last time I felt this excited about hearing new music. As a singer myself, Tank has inspired me to get back on the horse when it comes to creating. As a woman, she has inspired me to be myself 150%! If you do anything today, please make sure you give Tank and the Bangas a listen. You won't be disappointed. 

fredag 24. mars 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 70 (Berekuso Sunset)

Today I am thinking about the sunset in Berekuso, Ghana and this beautiful view I enjoyed daily while living there in 2014. What beautiful place, what a beautiful time.

Photo by me

Styleinspo a la Lucy Chadwick

Lucy Chadwick is one of the most stylish women in the game right now. It's the effortlessness Chadwick's style that most intrigues me. She always seems comfortable in what she wears. Her style is also consistent and always comes across as fresh. 

As spring  (hopefully) draws nears, I am drawing inspiration from her laidback and chic style.
Photos c/o Google

torsdag 23. mars 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 69

It's just been one of those weeks where I feel bleh. So it's been extra important to practice self-care and try to find joy in the little things. 

A few things that I have enjoyed this week:
1. This black and white photo I took in Accra
2. Oatmeal with honey and peanut butter (yum!)
3. This photo essay that shows wild the disco era was
4. Rewatching Skins (Sid will always be bae, tho)
5. LaTonya Yvette's blog (her style is incredible)
6. This photo of Solange Knowles
7. This journalist's use of Carrie quotes on dating sites

Happy Thursday!

Swoon: Michael Fassbender

I just watched an episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot, which featured the babely Michael Fassbender dressed in 1930s garb and accessorized with a sensuously furrowed brow and ever-present superman curl. It was a very pleasant surprise.

I really think we need to bring back every days suits. 

Image c/o: Google

søndag 12. mars 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 68 (Returning to Joy)

It baffles me that is has taken 4 years (for shame!) to get to Day 68 of this challenge. I suppose it has been a combination of life's ebbs and flows, and neglecting this little corner on the interwebz that I call my own. But I am dedicated to getting through this my 100 days by the end of 2017. 

So reignite the spark, here are a list of things that have been bringing me joy these last few weeks: 

1) Watching Agatha Christie's Poirot with my sister
2) Kale and Spinach Tortilla Chips
3) The feeling of relaxing in a freshly tidied home
4) Discovering new music: currently jamming to Adia Victoria 
5) Rediscovering beloved tunes: can't get enough of "Scribble Paper" and "Turn Left" from Little Dragon's first album
6) Spring style inspiration from Lucy Chadwick
7) Arizona Fruit Cocktail in the Mucho Mango flavour with a spicy dish (Yum!)
8) Stealing moments to reflect and journal with a cup of Yogi tea in hand

What's bringing you joy these days?