torsdag 20. april 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 88

I have often been the person who scoffs at inspirational or motivational sentences, thinking myself too serious to be positively impacted by them. However, recently I have found that cynic in me making room for things I would once have called cliche. If something is able to uplift and inspire, can it be so bad? And who I am to be snobbish about it? 

I saw the quote above on Gina aka The Wig Witch's Instagram page and thought to myself, "That is so true!" I am increasingly drawn to the idea of treating each and every day like a fresh beginning. As I am getting older, I am beginning to wonder if this is not one of the keys to a joyful life. I think my dad quite wonderfully embodies this. He is a beacon of positivity and treats each day and week, each month and year as brand new beginnings. He said something to me recently that I have not been able to stop thinking about - "Life is about hope." It jolted me out of a monotonous negativity I had been dwelling in and brought back an optimism I have not felt for quite some time. So grateful for my dad and his beautiful spirit.

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