torsdag 13. april 2017

Song of the Day: "I Won't Complain" by Benjamin Clementine

"My mind is a mirror only known to me
And for those who hate, the more hate me 
The more you help me
And for those love who love, the more you love me
The more you hurt me

When I go to bed in the night, I see some children in the light
Fighting unknown shadows behind my mother's back
And although I don't understand my dreams I know somewhere
There is hope, there's hope, somewhere there is hope"

A friend did a dance piece to this song in a show recently and reminded me of this beloved track I hadn't heard in quite some time. The video is absolutely stunning. There are so many moments I would love to take still of, frame, and put on my wall. In addition to the gorgeous visuals, Clementine is at his lyrical and vocal best. This song is currently on heavy rotation and will be for some time. 

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